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We have a whole bunch of banana trees in our new back garden – complete with bananas on them!

New book arrived

Like last time, they sent me a *lot* of copies…



Start ‘em young

Best error message ever?

Another Rivet update

I’ve just pushed an update to Rivet for iPhone to Apple for approval.

This version is an update to iOS4, including multi-tasking support and the ability to control music playback with the background audio controls. It also adds the ability to browse your iPhoto and Aperture photos (this already exists on the iPad version).

I just heard from Apple that Rivet for iPad has been approved and is now available.

It was loads of fun to develop – the added screen size of the iPad makes for a significantly sexier UI than the iPhone client:

After a couple of problems, Rivet for iPhone is now available in the app store.

As an added bonus, Rivet is only $4.95 until July 1st.

Oh, and the iPad version is coming soon – with a much fancier UI..

What i’ve been doing

In addition to trying to figure out the whole “being a dad” thing (I don’t think I ever will, but its been a blast so far), for the past couple of months I’ve been busy working with the smart folks over at The Little App Factory on a number of different projects:

  • Tagalicious (currently in beta) is an iTunes tagging application that uses acoustic fingerprinting to recognise your music collection. I wrote the engine that powers this application.
  • Evom is a neat app that you can use to download and convert video between various formats. I wrote the plugin for the popular vimeo video-sharing website.
  • Rivet lets you stream movies, music and photo’s to your XBox and PS3. I’ve been working on creating both an iPhone/iPod-Touch and iPad client for this application.

I’ve also been spending what free time I have evenings and weekends working on an update to my book – which should almost double the page-count. As well as including the 2 chapters that were published as online-only content for the first book (we ran out of pages last time!), I’ll be updating and adding new content to cover the changes being introduced in the 4.0 release of the iPhone SDK.

Busy times!

Happy Birthday Hamish

0 years old today.

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